About Gourmet Rambler

I am the last of the bon vivants roaming the streets of Chicago… better known around here as the Gourmet Rambler.

Connoisseur of all things delectable – whether a gorgeous bottle of wine, an exquisitely elaborate meal, fresh farmer’s market produce or unique and unusual ingredients, I am an adamant advocate for the artistry of a chef, local and seasonal products, Chicago culinary scene and gourmet adventures.

A chef once said about me: “There is a way that everyone else eats. And then there is this whole other world of how Gourmet Rambler eats.”

Find me on Twitter or Facebook, and let’s chat!


Gourmet Rambler (Photo by Mary Kay Hardcastle)

Hungry? Read on!

All Original Photographs, Original Recipes & Text belong to Gourmet Rambler unless otherwise indicated. All rights reserved. If you repost any material from this blog, please give credit by including a link back to me. If you would like to repost one of my photographs, please obtain written permission first. Thank you!

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