Read the Labels

Just because something is light or fat-free doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Need proof? Read the ingredient label. Can you recognize and pronounce most of the ingredients? Just sayin’.  


Heat Things Up!

Farmers market season is here, hooray! With summer produce arriving on the scene, I always find myself with lots of veggies in the fridge. I use as much as I can fresh, but what to do with the rest? As of late I have become the queen of refrigerator pickles. I don’t want to mess…


Set a Beautiful Table

If you love to entertain, knowing how to set the table is crucial. Yet, I always find myself looking up proper place settings, no matter how many dinner parties I throw. The best tip I can offer you, dear hosts with the most, is a cheat sheet. So, without further ado, here are my favorite…


Keep Your Spices Fresh

Do your know how old your spices are? If you cook at all, chances are you have accumulated a collection of spices similar to mine. But do you know their shelf life? What you don’t know may surprise you. Most spices start to deteriorate very quickly, they lose their flavor and some can become rancid.…


Bubbles and Budgets

So, you love champagne. You aren’t alone. I myself enjoy delicious bubbly. But the real thing? The one that says “champagne” on the bottle? Well, that can get really pricey really fast. If you are planning a party, your love of all things bubbly can really cost you. So what’s any bubbly loving girl to…


Take Back Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the air is all of a sudden thick with romance and expectations. If you are looking for some tips along romantic lines, please read my previous articles: Edible Aphrodisiacs = More Sex? and Cooking is Sexy.  However, today I would like to focus on celebrations of a different kind. Valentine’s Day…


The Spirits of Frisco

San Francisco… The Bay, the Golden Gate, Lombard Street… There’s so much to see everywhere you look. All that beauty makes a girl rather… well, thirsty. After all, let’s be honest here, sightseeing and shopping are always more fun after some cocktailing. Where to imbibe in San Francisco depends on your beverage of choice. For…


Some Like It Hot

I have been sick.  Really sick.  It is cold season in Chicago and I got caught in the cross fire.  Being sick is never fun and even less so for those of us afflicted with an epicurean bug.  When you are sick everything tastes like cotton balls and aluminum foil.  You can’t taste or smell…

Perfectly Stocked Pantry (Photo from www.deandeluca.com)

Stocking the Staples

A well stocked pantry can be a real time saver.  With a few carefully chosen ingredients, you can have a meal on the table in no time, even when surprise guests arrive.  Having the staples stocked is a must in my house.  Here is what I always have on hand. Pantry In my pantry, I…