Mint ~ Not Just For Toothpaste

Fresh mint is the quintessential flavor of summer.  It is refreshing and adds depth and complexity to lots of very different dishes.  Next time you are at the market, consider buying a bunch of mint for your next summer party.  Its versatility makes mint a great partner in crime.

Two Types of Mint (Photo by Gourmet Rambler)

Two Types of Mint (Photo by Gourmet Rambler)

1.  Start your evening with a batch of mojitos.  This classic summer cocktail is a favorite of mine on a hot day.  Make Bobby Flay’s Signature Mojito recipe for your guests!  You will be the toast of the town!

2.  Toss cubes of honeydew with fresh lime juice and a handful of torn mint leaves for a refreshing and unusual take on a fruit salad.

3.  Toss watermelon, feta cheese, red onion and chopped mint in good olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt for a savory salad.

4.  Add mint to your Asian shrimp spring rolls for a bright burst of flavor.

5. Serve fresh mint chutney alongside grilled lamb for a refreshing combination of deep savory flavors.  I LOVE this mint chutney recipe best.

Mint is a wonderful addition to any outdoor party menu.  It has many delicious uses.  Try one and you will be hooked.  Mint isn’t just for toothpaste anymore.

Article originally published on on Aug. 2, 2011.

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