Flame Kissed Sweets

Summer is here. So, we head outside to savor every single moment of sunny weather. In my neighborhood, the air is perfumed with the scent of BBQ smoke. We love alfresco dining and entertaining. When it comes to grilling, I have a reputation for being “better than a man”. While I am not sure if…

Deviled Egg with Powdered Bacon & Hot Sauce at The Bedford in Chicago. (Photo by Gourmet Rambler)

Devil’s Advocate

I love eggs. The egg just maybe the world’s most perfect food. It’s great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack. It is packed with nutrition. And more importantly, it is delicious. I love eggs scrambled, fried, poached, shirred, hard-boiled, over easy, sunny side up, baked into a quiche, beaten into a salad dressing, stirred into…


40 is the New Beautiful

A couple years back I celebrated two milestone dates. Two of my favorite ravishing Chicago (at the time) beauties turned the “BIG 4-0″ corner. And when it comes to aging gracefully, these two sophisticated ladies are quite unparalleled. I should only be so lucky to greet my own “BIG 4-0″ with such grace and dignity and enthusiasm and…


Read the Labels

Just because something is light or fat-free doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Need proof? Read the ingredient label. Can you recognize and pronounce most of the ingredients? Just sayin’.  


Heat Things Up!

Farmers market season is here, hooray! With summer produce arriving on the scene, I always find myself with lots of veggies in the fridge. I use as much as I can fresh, but what to do with the rest? As of late I have become the queen of refrigerator pickles. I don’t want to mess…


Set a Beautiful Table

If you love to entertain, knowing how to set the table is crucial. Yet, I always find myself looking up proper place settings, no matter how many dinner parties I throw. The best tip I can offer you, dear hosts with the most, is a cheat sheet. So, without further ado, here are my favorite…


Pourquoi Pas?

River North is the area of Chicago that isn’t lacking in restaurants. There is one (or several) on most every corner. Whatever cuisine your heart desires. Anything can be found in River North, though usually it costs a pretty penny. This is not the neighborhood for bargains or holes in the wall. Amid all the…